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Moral and Civic Chapter 5 Note

Moral and Civics  Chapter 5 Chapter Five: Constitution, Democracy and Human Rights 5.1 Chapter Introduction 5.2 Chapter Objectives 5.3 Constitution and Constitutionalism 5.3.1 Conceptualizing Constitution The word ‘constitution’ is used mainly in many senses In a political sense, it signifies the constitution of the state the term has attained a normative connotation and has become …

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Moral and Civic Chapter 4 Note

Chapter Four: State, Government and Citizenship 4.1. Chapter Introduction 4.2. Chapter Objectives 4.3. Understanding State 4.3.1 Defining State state has been understood in four quite different ways Idealist perspective Hegel identified three moments of social existence Family altruism operates that encourages people to set aside their own interests for the good of their children or elderly relatives Civil society Seen …

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Moral and Civic Chapter 2 Note

Moral and Civic   Chapter 2 Chapter Two: Approaches to Ethics Introduction there are only three basic kinds of prescriptive moral theories: teleological theories, deontological theories & virtue-based theories 2.3. Normative Ethics Contain theory of obligation, theory of moral value, theory of nonmoral value normative theory of obligation goal is guide us in the making of decisions and judgments about actions in particular …

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