Civic Mid Exam – Debre Tabor University

Part I. Write True if the statement is correct and False if it is incorrect

1. In parochial political culture, the role of citizens in the political sphere is significant

2. For Teleologists, the right action is one that is motivated by the goodness of the action itself

3. Skillful manpower without positive attitudes to work is likely to result in corruption

4. The “end justifies the means” is the moral maxim of teleological ethics

5. The moral nature of human beings is caused by the coming into the existence of human law

Part II. Match the ethical theories listed under column “B” With their arguments stated under column “A”

Column A

1. The greatest happiness for the greatest number principle

2. Motivated by sympathy and compassion

3. Motivated by selfish human nature

Column B

A. Ethical Egoism

B. Utilitarianism 

C. Ethical Altruism

Part III. Choose the appropriate answers for the following questions

1. Which of the following is not the competencies of a good citizen?

A. Build up global outlook
B. Ignorant and selfishness
C. Participating in political issues
D. Developing the feeling of national character

2. One of the following is not true about morality. Which one is it?

A. It is concerned with human conduct itself
B. It is about what constitutes an action good or bad
C. It is the conformity of an action to the established standards
D. It is a theoretical study of ethics

3. Among the following alternatives, which one is not true about normative ethics?

A. It deeply attempts to formulate moral standards to follow
B. It deals with the analysis of ethical terms
C. It deals with what should be done to make our actions moral
D. It deals with the evaluation of the specific moral problem

4. Among the following, all are the attributes of consequentialism except one

A. Good moral conduct is determined by cost-benefit analysis
B. It is based on the assumption that the means can justify the end
C. Argues as an action is right if it brings good result
D. Focused on the consequence rather than inherent nature of the action

5. Of the following, one indicates the conformity of human behavior to the already established moral standards. Which one is this?

A. Law
B. Ethics
C. Morality
D. Political society

Part IV. Short answer

1. Compare and contrast ethics and morality

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