Psychology Mid Exam – Debre Tabor University

Part I. Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is incorrect

1. Gestalt psychology is concerned with the elements that form human mind

2. Difference threshold is the minimum point of stimulation that a person can detect

3. Correlational research method is the only research method in psychology which shows causation

4. Prediction is one of the goals of psychology that focuses on how to change behaviour from undesirable one to desirable one

Part II. Choose the best answer from the given alternatives for the following questions

5. If the teacher projecting students’ undesired behavior, because of their internal psychological problems. Which goal of psychology did the teacher apply?

A. Prediction
B. explanation
C. description
D. control

6. Which branch of psychology studies support criminal behaviors and eyewitness testimony?

A. Social psychology
B. counseling psychology
C. forensic psychology 
D. industrial psychology

7. In selectivity of perception items/stimuli that you perceive dimly or vaguely is ____.

A. figure
B. focus
C. margin
D. ground

8. You have just walked into a very smelly market. after a while you don’t notice the smell as bad or awful. What process makes this possible?

A. Sensory threshold
B. sensory adaption
C. sensory overload
D. sensory deprivation

9. Our tendency to perceive things as complete objects rather than as a series of parts is ____.

A. Closure
B. good continuation
C. proximity
D. similarity

10. A method of getting covert information regarding people’s characteristic, attitude, opinion, or behaviors by asking them all the same question is ____.

A. Survey
B. case study
C. experimental
D. correlation

11. Which modern school of psychology believes that “each of us has the capacity to seek and reach fulfillment to self-actualization?

A. Cognitive perspective
B. behavioral perspective
C. humanistic perspective
D. counseling psychology

12. Which one of the following is different from others?

A. talking
B. understanding
C. decision making
D. thinking

Part III. Read the following scenario and write your answer briefly for the following questions.

1. Abebe is inspired to conduct a study on the effect of pro-social behavior on optimistic thinking of psychology department students. To do so, the researcher divided the section into two groups that were group “A” and group “B”. Then he gave pro-social behavior development training for group “A” students and didn’t give the training for group “B” students. based on this scenario identify

A. The independent variable ____

B. the dependent variable ____

B. experimental group ____

C. control group ____

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