Civic Mid Exam – Bahir Dar University

Part I: Write “TRUE” if the statement is correct and “FALSE” if it is incorrect

1. Ethical questions are concerned with what one should do in particular situations.
2. A man should obey for the values of a particular society if he/she wants to live with others peacefully.
3. If the action with good intention brings bad consequence, then the act is immoral in light of categorical imperatives.
4. According to Immanuel Kant our will determine the morality of an act-not the outcome.
5. Ethical egoism says that one ought always to do what is most pleasurable/ enjoyable.
6. Categorical Imperative is recommended for use because it is flexible.

Part II: Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives (1.5pts each)

7. An ethical theory which advocates that “people always ought to do only what is their own interest”.
A. Altruism
B. Utilitarianism
C. Ethical egoism
D. Ethical objectivism

8. According to Ross’s prima-facie ethics, the duty to distribute burdens and benefits proportionally is:
A. Fidelity
B. Justice
C. Beneficence 
D. Non-maleficence

9. All of the following alternatives are objectives of Moral and Civic Education except:
A. Creating a citizen who actively engages in political processes
B. Creating competent citizen who threats diversity
C. Creating competent citizen who fosters solidarity
D. Creating a citizen who is critical and rational

10. Citizenship and moral education aim to equip students and seeks to promote the following except one;
A. Fairness
B. Tolerance
C. Ethno-centrism
d.  All

11. Which of the following is not included as Plato’s Cardinal Virtues?
A. Justice
B. Temperance
C. Wisdom
D. Indulgence

12. The necessity of teaching and learning moral education emanates from the aim of;
A. Enabling citizens to know about their rights and duties
B. Producing, citizens with active participant political culture
C. Fostering intercultural societies
D. All

13. _______ is trying to justify selfishness as a natural urge of human behavior.
A. Utilitarianism
B. Prima-face
C. Ethical Egoism
D. Psychological Egoism

14. Identify the true statement/s of the following options
A. Immanuel Kant advocates virtue ethics
B. Religious teachings are necessarily the origin of ethical principles
C. Epicurus prioritize body pleasure to mind pleasure  
D. None

15. According to William David Ross’s list of prima facie duties, duties to repay or redo favors or simply thank others for their kindness towards us is __________.
A. Duties of gratitude
B. Duties of justice and fairness
C. Duties of reparation
D. Duties of fidelity

16. The view that there are no objective moral principles but that all valid moral principles are justified (or are made true) by virtue of their cultural acceptance, recognizes the social natural of morality is_______.
A. Conventional ethical relativism
B. Ethical absolutism
C. Conventional ethical subjectivism
D. Ethical objectivism

17. The view that moral rightness or wrongness does not depend on social approval, but on such individual consideration as whether the act or principle promotes human flourishing or ameliorates human suffering is known as________.
A. Ethical relativism
B. Moral intuitionism
C. Ethical subjectivism
D. Ethical objectivism 

Part III: Match column “A” with column “B”

column A 
____18. Tolerance                                                     
____19. Open mindedness                                       
____20. Compromise                                                
____21. Constitutional patriotism                          
____22. Honesty                                                         

column B
A. Readiness to give up part of interest for common solution
B. Upholding constitutional principles
C. Unity in diversity
D. Being loyal
F. Readiness to resist the opinion of others
G. Lack of respect for the culture of others

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