Geography Test One – Hawassa University

Part I. Choose the best alternative answer

1. A country that completely surrounds another country like Lesotho in the Republic of South Africa is referred to as

A. Elongated shape country
B. Perforated shape country
C. Protruded shape country
D. Fragmented shape country

2. It is the way of human environment interaction that relates to how humans adjust themselves, their lifestyles and their behavior to live in a new environment with new challenges

A. Adaptation
B. Modification
C. Dependency
D. All of the alone

3. Which one of the following continent is not part of Gondwanaland?

A. North America
B. South America
C. Africa
D. Australia
E. All

4. Which of the following correctly expresses Ethiopia’s absolute location?

A. 3°S-15°N & 33°W-48°E
B. 3°N – 15°N & 33°S-48°E
C. 3°E-15°E & 33°N-48°N
D. 3°N – 15°N & 33°E – 48°E
E. None

5. Which one of the following is the correct order of geological time scale unit from the smallest to the Largest?

A. Period -> Epoch -> Era -> Eon
B. Epoch -> Period -> Era -> Eon
C. Eon -> Era -> Period -> Epoch
D. Epoch -> Period -> Eon -> Era

6. The location enabling Ethiopia to experience overhead sun twice a year is because of its ____

A. Latitude
B. altitude
C. geopolitics
D. Distance from the sea

7. Which one of the following doesn’t refer to the Mesozoic era?

A. Triassic Period
B. Jurassic Period
C. Quaternary Period
D. Cretaceous Period

8. Area(Km2) – boundary (KM) ratio of Ethiopia is:

A. 210.27
B. 1.41
C. 296.61
D. 395.4

9. Ethiopia is found in the Nile basin: This can be ascribed as its ____ location

A. Astronomical
B. Relative
C. Absolute
D. Mathematical

10. Compared with its neighbors, Ethiopia has

A. The least boundary length
B. The least area- circumference ratio
C. The least boundary- circumference ratio
D. None of the above

Part II. Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE for incorrect statement

11. Human have always been on ceaseless interaction with their natural environment

12 Protrude shape countries have one portion that is much more elongated than the rest of the country

13. Absolute Dating method uses geological evidence to assign comparative ages of fossils

14. Ethiopia has been exposed for external invasions in a number of times: though the country resisted foreign intervention and remains free of external domination

Part III. Match items in column “A” with best corresponding alternative listed it column “B”

Column A

15. Precambrian Era

16. Paleozoic Era

17. Jurassic Period

18. Cretaceous Period

19. Quaternary Period

20. Triassic Period

Column B

A. Adigrat Sandstone

B. Crystalline basement complex rocks

C. Hintallo Limestone

D. Pluvial Rains

E. Peneplanation and denudation

F. Upper Sandstone

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