Logic Mid Exam – Wollo University

Part I. Write true, if the statement is correct and false if it is incorrect

1. In a given argument, the factual claim is less valuable than the inferential claims

2. For a deductive argument to be sound, it is enough to have all true premises

3. Metaphysics is the study of the nature, source and scope of knowledge

4. Ontology is the study of the nature of existence, or what it means for anything to exist

5. Axiology is the study of the relationship between values and knowledge

6. defining the term philosophy is very easy using conclusive terminologies

Part II. Choose the best answer from the given the given alternatives

1. Which one of the following is false from the following alternatives?

A. Not all unsound deductive arguments are invalid
B. Not all cogent inductive arguments are strong
C. Not all deductive arguments are valid and sound
D. All uncogent inductive arguments are weak

2. Determine the kind of argument that you can see in the following passage?

If large dams are constructed on the Tekeze River in Ethiopia, then the quantity of water arriving in Sudan reduces

Large dams are constructed in Ethiopia

Therefore, the quantity of water arriving in the Sudan reduces

A. Categorical Syllogism
B. Disjunctive Syllogism
C. Hypothetical syllogism
D. Causal Inference
E. None

3.  Since 2x + y = 20 and x = 4, it follows that y = 12. When we evaluate this argument, it is

A. Deductively valid
B. Deductively invalid
C. Inductively strong
D. Inductively weak

4. Which one of the following is odd from the following alternatives?  

A. Revelation
B. Ontology
C. Theology
D. Cosmology

5. Which one from the following alternatives is true?  

A. Axiology is solely the study of rational values  
B. Metaphysics is the study of the limit of human knowledge and reality
C. Aesthetics studies not only beauty, but also art works
D. logic is a science that evaluates truth and falsity of statements

6. One from the following is the etymological meaning of philosophy  

A. Philosophy is the love of wisdom, knowledge and art
B. Philosophy is the mother of all other science
C. Philosophy is the science of questioning
D. Philosophy is an analytical science

7.  what does Socrates mean when he say “the unexamined life is not worth living”

A. For life to be meaningful, it must be challenged  
B. A good life is that withstands hardships
C. A philosophical life is one that is encounters problems
D. All of the above

8. What type of argument exists if a judge passes decisions based on the evidence received from eyewitnesses by the virtue of which it is held under oath?

A. Argument from definition
B. Argument from Authority
C. Argument by analogy
D. Argument based on signs

9. “If leaves burn, then smoke is produced.” What is the burning of leaves for smoke to be produced?

A. Sufficient condition
B. Necessary condition
C. Antecedent / if clause
D. Consequent / main clause
E. A & C

10. Tigers are stripped. Zebras are also stripped. Tigers are carnivores. It implies that zebras are also carnivores. This argument is _____

A. Deductive, invalid
B. inductive, weak
C. deductive, unsound
D. inductive, strong

11. A strong inductive argument does not involve in one of the following combination. Identify

A. True premise and probably true conclusion
B. True premise and probably false conclusion
C. False premise and probably true conclusion
D. False premise and probably false conclusion

12. Among the following the one which is not always decisive in evaluating arguments is _____

A. The inference of the claims from the premise to the conclusion
B. The reasonableness of the premise to the conclusion
C. The support and relevance of the premise to the conclusion
D. The truth and falsity of the premise and conclusion
E. None

13. “AlemayehuaskedAnderson“, you seem, you are impressed, if l am not mistaken? “Anderson replied yes.” What makes you Impressed, asked Alemayehu? Look this Mountain… it seems it’s designed by a very good architecture and I am wondering by its artistic view consisting of trees and full of stones. Alemayehu… oh… this mountain is named Tossa, the identity of Dessie and seems the skeleton of human being. This dialogue implies one of the branch of philosophy, identify?

A. Metaphysics
B. Aesthetics
C. Nihilism
D. Skepticism

14. Which of the following are all arguments?

A. Illustrations, syllogisms, explanations
B. Warnings, conditional statements, statements of belief
C. Expository passages, reports, pieces of advice
D. Generalization, categorical syllogisms, arguments from signs

Part III. Match items from Column A with items in column B

Column A

1. Rationalism

2. Empiricism

3. Intuition

4. Cosmology

5. Theology

Column B

A. Sense experience is the source of knowledge

B. The direct apprehension of knowledge

C. The study of origin, nature, and development of the universe

D. the study about the nature and existence of God

E. Epistemologically, the primary source of knowledge is reason

Part IV. Address the following questions accordingly

1. Determine the following argument as deductive or inductive. The evaluate them through their unique terminologies i.e. valid or invalid, and strong or weak with justifications.  

All sides of the house are equal

One side of the house, which is built in the square form, it is 6meters long

Therefore, the house has 36 m2 total area

2. The Ras Dashen is higher than Mount Toussa, and Mount Tossa is higher than Mount Chokie. The obvious conclusion is that, the Ras Dashen is higher than Mount Chokie. Identify what kind of argument is It? And justify whether if it is valid, Invalid, strong or weak? 3. Since Ester is always on Sunday, it follows that the day after Easter is always Monday. State whether it is valid or Invalid?

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