Logic Final Exam – Wollo University

Part I: Write ‘True’ if the statement is correct, or write ‘False’ if it is Incorrect

1. Appeal to force is committed when one try to persuade another person by making him feel sympathy

2. By applying multiple meanings to a single term you commit a fallacy of Amphiboly

3. An arguer commits fallacy of division when he thinks that what’s true of the parts is necessarily true of the whole

4. In suppressed evidence fallacy the truth of a claim is established on the basis of lack of evidence against it

5. If the conclusion of an argument depends on the occurrence of a chain reaction of events, and there is good reason to believe that the chain reaction will actually occur, the argument commits a slippery slope fallacy.

6. A formal fallacy is simply an argument whose form is invalids

7. Equivocation can only be identified by understanding the meanings of the words involved

8. An argument whose premise is filled with an insult is adhominum circumstantial

9. Not the cause for the cause fallacy occurs when one argues that one event cause another simply because it occurred before the proposed effect

10. When an arguer applies general rule to unrelated specific case, he/she hastily generalizes

Part II: Choose the Correct Answer from the Given Alternatives

11. Which of the following fallacy is not applicable in courtroom procedures?

A. Appeal to pity
B. Hasty generalization  
C. Straw man fallacy
D. Appeal to ignorance

12. “You should get an iPhone. It’s the phone that popular and smart people use.” The fallacy of this argument is

A. Argument against person
B. Fallacy of Missing the point
C. Appeal to snowberry
D. Appeal to vanity

13. “Either you vote for freedom in favor of Secession of Eritrean or you remain slave Ethiopia” The fallacy of this argument is

A. False Dichotomy
B. Equivocation
C. Appeal to Bandwagon
D. suppressed Evidence

14. “Capital punishment is justified for crimes such as rape and murder because It is quite legitimate and appropriate for the state to put to death someone who has committed such heinous and inhuman acts.” What is the fallacy in this argument?

A. Missing the Point
B. Complex Question
C. Begging the Question
D. Accident

15. The following fallacy does not occur when the premises Is not strong enough to support the conclusion

A. You, too
B. Unqualified Authority  
C. Hasty Generalization
D. False Cause

16. “Certainly Miss Selam will be a capable and efficient manager. She has a great figure, a gorgeous face, and tremendous poise, and she dresses very fashionably.” The type of fallacy committed in this argument is?

A. Suppressed Evidence
B. Oversimplified Cause 
C. Missing the Point
D. Accident

17. Which of the following fallacy holds that the truth of a claim is established only on the basis of its popularity and familiarity?

A. Appeal to Vanity
B. Appeal to Snowberry
C. Appeal to Bandwagon
D. Appeal to Ignorance

18. “The government should not prohibit drugs. Otherwise the government should also ban alcohol or cigarettes. And then fatty food and junk food would have to be regulated too. The next thing you know, the government would force us to brush our teeth and do exercises every day.” What is the fallacy in this argument?

A. Slippery Slope
B. Suppressed Evidence  
C. Missing the Point
D. Over simplified Cause

19. Which of the following is odd?

A. Amphiboly
B. Equivocation
C. Red herring
D. Division

20. “Mr. Alemu’s view on Eritrean culture is wrong. This Is because his parents were killed by the Eritrean army during Ethio-Eritrean War and that made film anti-Eritrean all his life.” The fallacy of this argument is

A. Adhominum Circumstantial
B. Adhominum Abusive
C. Appeal to Pity
D. Red herring

21. An argument that has black-and-white thinking with Limited alternative commits a fallacy of

A. Amphiboly
B. Equivocation
C. Straw man
D. False Dichotomy

22. A fallacy that is committed when a witness is not trustworthy is

A. False Dichotomy
B. Unqualified authority
C. Red herring
D. Slippery Slope

23. “Are you still as self-centered as you used to be?” The fallacy of this arguments is

A. Straw man
B. False Dichotomy
C. Begging the question
D. Complex question

24. The team played its worst game ever tonight. Therefore, each Individual on the team played their worst game ever tonight. The fallacy of this argument is

A. Division
B. Composition
C. Amphiboly
D. Equivocation

25. A fallacy that has the form of circular reasoning is

A. Begging the Question
B. Suppressed Evidence
C. Missing the Point
D. Over simplified Cause

Part III: Identify the fallacy for the following arguments

26. “I can’t believe that anyone really listens to what the National Election Board has to say. After all, they’re just a bunch of ignorant yokels.”

27. “We can safely ignore the wealthy man’s arguments that tax reduction for the very wealthy would help the economy. As a member, he is only looking out for the interests of himself and his rich friends.”

28. “Every time that rooster crows, the sun comes up. That rooster must be very powerful and important!”

29. “Smoking causes cancer because my father was a smoker and he died of lung cancer.” 30. “Each and every cell in this carrot is 90 percent water. Therefore, the entire carrot is 90 percent water.”

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