General Psychology and Life Skills Test – Unity University

Direction: Choose the best answer from the given alternatives

1. When you enter into the dormitory with a distinct odor, the smell is very noticeable at first, but soon it seems to fade. This statement refers to

A. Transduction
B. Absolute threshold
C. Sensory adaptation
D. Difference threshold

2. Suppose you want to prove the hypothesis “Experience with language in the first few years of life is necessary if a person is ever to acquiring a language.” So, which research method is suitable to study this problem?

A. Experimental
B. Case Study
C. Survey
D. Correlation

3. Which of the following is a research technique that helps to reduce bias due to the expectations of subjects and/ or experimenter in the research?

A. Correlational method
B. Double-blind study
C. Case study method
D. All

4. A group of researchers studied bullying by setting up a camera on a school playground for one day. The researchers merely recorded what the students did, without intervening in the children’s activities. This type of research involves:

A. Survey research
B. Naturalistic observation
C. Participant observation
D. Experimental research

5. When you view the word “s-u-k-r” outside of a candy store, even though there are some letters missing, you perceive the word “sucker” (this means lollipop children….) you are using

A. Figured-ground
B. Similarity
C. Simplicity
D. Closure

6. If psychologists discovered that wealthy people are less satisfied with their than poor people are, this would indicate that wealth and marital satisfaction are

A. Causally related
B. Independent variables
C. Negatively correlated
D. Positively correlated

7. The retinas in each eye collect slightly different images of the world, which allows processing of this binocular depth cue.

A. retinal disparity
B. retinal convergence
C. retinal eccentricity
D. retinal perspective

8. A recruiting advertisement for the army tells use to “Be all that you can be!” This statement most closely mirrors the philosophy of the ____ approach in psychology

A. Structuralism
B. Psychodynamic
C. Humanistic
D. Cognitive  

9. Abel wants to understand why people fail to communicate well in an office environment. It would be different for her to study the problem because there are so many variables that can affect communication and because, as a researcher she could not realistically alter the conditioned in office. The situation described would make it difficult for Abel to use which of the following research methods

A. Correlational
B. Survey
C. Self-report
D. Experimental

10. Which of the following is the value of a correlation coefficient that reflects the strongest relationship between the variables involved?

A. +.59
B. +1.03
C. -1.35
D. -.69

11. A researcher found that clients who were randomly assigned to the same sex groups participated more in group therapy sessions than clients who were randomly assigned to mixed-gender groups. In this experiment, the dependent variable was:

A. How much the clients’ mental health improved
B. The amount of participation in the group therapy sessions
C. Whether or not the group was mixed gender
D. The clients’ attitudes toward group therapy

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