Anthropology Mid Exam – Addis Ababa University

Part I. Choose the Correct Answer

1. One is not true about the scopes of Anthropology

A. It is broader than history in terms of time coverage
B. It focuses only on the so-called ‘primitive’ society
C. It covers both biological and cultural aspects of human being
D. It is interested on where humans were/are living

2. Select the one which is not the sub branch of socio-cultural anthropology

A. Ethnomusicology
B. Economic anthropology
C. Forensic anthropology
D. Political anthropology

3. Anthropology relates with other disciplines of social sciences and differs in

A. Scope
B. Approach
C. Research methods
D. All of the above

4. Select one which is not true about race

A. Color and shape difference among human being
B. Physical difference acquires in the process of adapting different environments
C. Spices difference
D. Socially constructed category using physical differences

5. The oldest stone tool, which discovered in Afar and dated 2.5 million of years, is the interest of

A. Paleoanthropology
B. Historical Archaeology
C. Pre-historic Archaeology
D. Historical Linguistics

Part II. Say “True” if the statement is correct and write “False” for the incorrect statement

6. Studying different aspects of human being is a curious nature of anthropology rather than holistic nature of anthropology

7. Similarities and differences of current languages is the interest of descriptive linguistic, while how current human being vary is the interest of human variation

8. Cultural relativism approach is quite synonyms with ethnocentrism which tries to understudy a society in its own context

9. Some relates 18th century enlightenment with the emergence anthropology as a discipline

10. Charles Darwin theory of evolution which based on natural selection and survival of the fittest equally applicable to explain societal development using the theory of Social Darwinism

Part III. Answer the Following Questions Correctly

11. What is anthropology? 

12. Explain the difference between ethnography and ethnology

13. Explain the contribution of Anthropology

14. Explain sub-branches of psychological anthropology 15. What do you understand from emic perspective of anthropology? Explain

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