Inclusiveness Mid Exam – Bahir Dar University

I. Write “True” if the statement is correct and “False” if it is incorrect

1. Disability is a social or economic disadvantage resulting from impairment

2. Individual’s inability to perform specific skills always implies the presence of pre- existing impairment

3. Children with intellectual disability have superior intellectual abilities

4. Social withdrawal and feeling of inadequacy are the characteristics of persons with emotional disorder

5. Autism is a developmental disorder that adversely affects the individual’s intellectual functioning only

6. People with hard of hearing can understand speech with the support of hearing aids

7. People who are blind can use their vision with support of an eye glass

II. Give short answer for the following questions

8. List types of speech impairments

9. What are five basic areas of language impairments

III. Match the basic terms of special needs stated under column ‘A’ with their respective examples under column ‘B’

Column A

10. Handicap
11. Disability
12. Impairment

Column B

A. Amputated arms and legs
B. Inability to attend school
C. Limited movement

IV. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives

13. The following behavior problems are categorized under the broad classification of externalizing behavior disorder except ____

A. Shyness
B. Disobedience
C. Disruptiveness
D. Fighting
E. None of the above

14. Which one of the following is wrong about intellectual disability?

A. Sub average intellectual functioning
B. Significant limitations in two or more adaptive skill areas
C. Its onset is before the age of 18
D. It can be caused by genetic factors
E. None of the above

15. The condition of being at risk of harmed refers to ____

A. Disability
B. Vulnerability
C. Impairment
D. Handicap
E. None of the above

16. Stuttering and cluttering are common examples of speech impairment categorized under which disorders?

A. Articulation disorders
B. Voice disorders
C. Fluency disorders
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

17. Suppose Tilahun is a student at Shimbit primary school. He has significant limitation in adaptive behavior specifically challenge of making relationship and friendships. His challenge is likely grouped under ____

A. Conceptual skill
B. Practical skill
C. Social skill
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

18. One of the following refers the rapid-fire repetitions of consonant or vowel sounds?

A. Distortion
B. Stuttering
C. Cluttering
D. Addition

19. Mr. Kebede is a person with physical disability, and he uses wheel-chair for movement. His physical disability is categorized under?

A. Mild physical disability
B. Moderate physical disability
C. Severe physical disability
D. Profound physical disability
E. None of the above

20. Which one of the following is not a cause of disability?

A. Genetic disorder
B. God punishment
C. Environment factor
D. Unknown cause
E. None of the above

21. Suppose Adissu is a 5th grade student who is always characterized with depression and poor relation with his classmates. Adissu’s behavior might be categorized under ____

A. Intellectual disability
B. Emotional and behavioral disorder
C. Mental illness
D. Autism
E. All of the above

22. Ruta’s spelling is very poor even her spacing is inconsistent: totally her handwriting is very illegible. So Ruta’s exhibited difficulty is ____

A. Dyscalculia
B. Dyslexia
C. Dysgraphia
D. Non-verbal learning disability
E. All of the above

23. Which one of the following is NOT true about Handicap?

A. It is shortcomings in the environment which prevent persons with disabilities from participating on equal terms
B. It describes the encounter between the person with a disability and the environment
C. It is a negative public attitudes towards persons with disabilities
D. It promotes accessible environment for people with disabilities

24. Which one of the following is an example of Impairment?

A. Writing problem
B. Loss of anatomical structure
C. Communication problem
D. Reading difficulties

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