Emerging Technologies Mid Exam – Addis Ababa University

Part I: True or False

1. When apps move from the cloud back to on-premises it is known as cloud repatriation

2. Data curation involves key activities concerned with annotating data so that it becomes easily accessible, discoverable and fit for purpose

3. Real-time processing is most useful when dealing with very large datasets that require a bit of computation

4. Sophia has been designed by Ethiopian Engineers and is an example of limited memory Al type

5. Self-driving cars are example of reactive machines artificial intelligence

Part II: Multiple Choice

1. Which of the following is regarded as smart revolution?

a. Information revolution
b. Agriculture revolution
c. Industrial revolution (Second revolution)
d. Knowledge revolution  

2. Which of the following factor is not considered as a driver of information revolution?

a. The growth of information-based occupation
b. The invention artificial intelligence
c. The widespread of cheap personal computers
d. The advent of the Internet

3. A device that provides interfacing, data communication, signal processing and other key similar functionalities is ____

a. Microprocessor
b. Memory device
c. Logic device
d. Network device

4. Which of the following is not a future trend of networks?

a. SG technology
b. Rise of centralization
c. Embedded computation
d. Network developments in edge computing

5. stage of industrial revolution characterized by the use of loT, Al, and Big Data Technologies to the industry that will allow the intelligent production

a. Industry 1.0
b. Industry 2.0
c. Industry 3.0
d. Industry 4.0

6. The bi-direction information flow between a human brain and a machine is referred to as

a. Neuro-modulation
b. Social Computing
c. Human Machine Interface
d. Brain Computer Interface

7. Agricultural mass crop production technologies were invented during _____ period

a. Industrial revolution
b. First Agricultural revolution
c. Second Agricultural revolution 
d. Third agricultural revolution

8. Poorly designed human-machine interfaces can lead to many unexpected problems. All can be classic example, except ____

a. Three Mile Island accident in USA
b. A nuclear meltdown accident
c. Accidents in aviation industries
d. Explanation of Chatbots

9. All are characteristics that determine the quality of information, except ____

a. Timely
b. Accuracy
c. Completeness
d. Inconsistency
e. All of the above

10. The goal of most big data systems is _____

a. To save cost
b. To reduce complexity
c. To surface insight
d. To secure data

11. If you select one photo in your phone and see details like the size, type, location, and image captured date, this is _____

a. an integer data
b. a metadata  
c. a semi-structured data
d. unstructured data

12. Which of the following is wrong about data type?

a. A data type is an attribute of data in integers, Booleans, and floating-point number
b. A data type is about the structure of data such as structured, unstructured, and semi-structured
c. A data type is the structure of the data for a computer Programming
d. A data type is data about data in metadata

13. What are the different activities of Big-data life cycle?

a. Ingesting data, persisting data, computing and analyzing data, and visualizing results
b. Acquisition, analysis, curation, storage, and usage
c. Veracity, variability, and value
d. Input, processing, and output

14. With respect to “commuting and analyzing Big data”, one of the following tool is different

a. Apache Storm
b. Apache Hadoop’s MapReduce
c. Apache Flink
d. Apache Spark

15. Which of the following are the applications of Chatbots?

a. Google Assistance
b. Google Home
c. Siri in iPhone
d. None of the above

16. ____ require intelligence to handle tasks such as object manipulation and navigation, along with sub-problems of localization, motion planning and mapping

a. Machine learning
b. Robotics
c. Virtual reality
d. Augmented reality

17. The most common and currently available AI system is _____

a. General Intelligence
b. Narrow Intelligence 
c. Super Intelligence
d. Theory of Mind

18. Which of the following does not belong to components of AI system?

a. Models
b. Data
c. Hardware
d. Programming languages

19. Which of the following AI system has beaten the world’s chess champion?

a. AlphaGo
b. Deep Blue
c. Siri
d. Watson  

20. All are AI applications in the agriculture sector, except _____

a. See & Spray Robot
b. Harvest CROO Robotics
c. Crop and Soil Monitoring
d. IBM Watson analysis

Part III: Short Answer

1. _____ is a discipline concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them

2. A technology that enable machines to analyze, understand and manipulate images and video is known as _____  

3. _____ is the science and engineering of making machines to think and act humanly

4. The two method of computing for Big Data processing are _____ and _____

5. The “three Vs. of big data” are _____ , _____ , and _____

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