Inclusiveness Mid Exam – Dire Dawa University

Part I. Write “True” if the statement is correct and “False” if the Statement is incorrect

1. Disability is the purely factual absence of or loss of functioning in a body part

2. Diversity represents a multitude of individual differences and similarities that exist among people

3. Children do better academically and socially in integrated classroom settings

4. Equity is treating equal people equally

5. There is a no visible conceptual distinction between impairment and disability

6. An inclusive setting welcomes all people regardless of their disability & vulnerability

7. Specialized schools are appropriate for persons with disabilities

8. The reaction of all people towards impairment is the same

9. The impact of impairment and support system from significant others are inversely related

10. In principle all human being are vulnerable to some circumstances

Part II. Choose the correct answer form the given alternatives for the following questions

1. All people are entitled to full membership of the human family is said to be ____

A. Alienation
B. exclusion
C. inclusion
D. vulnerable groups

2. The following causes are genetically induced factors of impairments, EXCEPT

A. Abnormalities in genes
B. Lack of access to health care
C. Pre-term and underweight birth
D. Over exposure to x-rays

3. The prevalence rate of disability was expected to grow because of:

A. On the rise of civil conflicts
B. poor nutrition in early life
C. mounting of elderly populations
D. All of The Above

4. All are correct about legal foundations of inclusive education, Except ____

A. All individuals have the right to learn & live together
B. Human being should not be devalued because of their disability
C. There are no legitimate reasons to separate children for their education
D. Only inclusion has the potential to reduce fear and to build friendship

5. Which model states disability is a problem of the individual and is primarily focused on c and the provision of medical care by professionals

A. The Social model
B. The medical model
C. The psychological model
D. The economical model

6. It is the state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally

A. Disability
B. Vulnerability
C. Impairment
D. Handicap

7. A community which has negative attitude towards change and lacks initiative in life resultantly become more and more dependent on external support. This indicates:

A. Social Vulnerability
B. Economic Vulnerability
C. Attitudinal Vulnerability
D. Physical Vulnerability

8. Which one is couldn’t be contributing factors to vulnerability?

A. Poverty
B. Good governance
C. Discrimination
D. Inequality

9. Identify the characteristics of Integration approach:

A. Flexible system
B. Children are different
C. Child must adapt or fail
D. All children can learn

10. Identify odd statement about impairment

A. Impairment is the absence of a particular body part or organ
B. It is lack/abnormality of psychological structure or function
C. It could be a condition in which the body exists but doesn’t function
D. It is negative reaction of people due to participation restriction

11. One of the following is different from the others

A. Tuberculosis
B. Autism
C. Cancer
D. Epilepsy

12. Which idea suppose creating the least restrictive environment for children with disabilities

A. Inclusion
B. Integration
C. Mainstreaming
D. Residential schools

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