Geography Mid Exam – Hawassa University

Part I. Write “TRUE” if the statement is correct and “FALSE” for incorrect statement

1. Region refers to the physical and human aspects of a given area

2. Chronologically, geological eons clumped together into larger units called eras

3. Absolute dating uses geological evidence to assign relative ages of fossils and rocks

4. Dependency relates to how humans modify themselves, their lifestyles and their behavior

5. Relative location tries to show the location of a place using latitude and longitude value

Part II. Match items in column “A” with best corresponding alternative listed in column “B”

Column “A”

1. Geological folding

2. Cenozoic Era

3. Mesozoic Era

4. Paleozoic Era

5. Precambrian Era

Column “B”

A. Exogenic Process

B. Adigrat Sandstone

C. Formation of Rift Valley

D. Denudation and Peneplanation

E. Basement Complex Rock

F. Endogenic Process

Part III. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives

1. Ethiopia is one of the earliest recipients of the major world religions due to its proximity to the Middle East, which was the origin of these religions. This statement refers to

A. Place
B. Location  
C. Human-Environment Interaction
D. Region
E. All of the above

2. Which of the following shape of a country is easier for defense and socioeconomic integration?

A. Elongated shape countries
B. Fragmented shape countries
C. Perforated shape countries|
D. Protrude shape countries
E. Compact shape countries

3. Which of the following is not a principal evidence of Alfred Wegener’s continental hypothesis

A. Fit of the continent
B. Match of mountain belts & rock types
C. Distribution of fossils
D. Paleoclimates
E. Arrangement of the planets

4. Which of the following is correct about geography?

A. It focuses on earth’s formation
B. It deals on the inner part of the earth
C. It explains about the space materials
D. It deals on the composition of the earth
E. It focuses on the spatial and temporal variability of features

5. Which is an essential theme of geography which able to describe the position of places

A. Location
B. Movement
C. Region
D. Human Environment interaction
E. Place

6. ____ is the way of human environment interaction that relates to how humans adjust themselves, their lifestyles and their behavior to live in a new environment with new challenges

A. Adaptation
B. Modification
C. Dependency
D. All of the above

7. ____ is a type of region that is delineated by common understanding of peoples

A. Perceptual region
B. Functional region
C. None of the above
D. Formal region

8. All of the following can be advantages of largeness of the countries’ size. Except?

A. Possessing large agro-ecology
B. Owning extensive arable land
C. Suitability for socio-economic integration
D. Supporting large population

9. All are the geologic activities of Cenozoic era except

A. Peneplanation of the surface
B. Volcanism and deposition
C. Formation of the rift valley
D. Uplifting of the Arab-Ethiopian landmass
E. None

10. Which of the following correctly expresses Ethiopia’s absolute location?

A. 3°S – 15°N & 33°W – 48°E
B. 3°E – 15°E & 33°N – 48°N
C. 3°N – 15°N & 33°S – 48°E
D. 3°N – 15°N & 33°E – 48°E
E. None

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