Global Trends Mid Exam – Bahir Dar University

Instruction I: Write true if the statement is correct and false if it is incorrect

1. Domestic political events can influence the relationship between states

2. Realists focus on the power of ideas, culture, and language

3. Multi-polarity in international system expresses the existence of two major powers

4. In system level analysis, the anarchic international system determines state behavior

5. Marxism as a theory of IR explains the unequal relations between core states and peripheries

Instruction II: Choose the correct answer for the following questions from the given alternatives

1. All of the followings are true about Liberalism theory of international relation, except?

A. International liberalization
B. Morality determine interest
C. International organization and international law effectively govern international relations
D. Liberalists are pessimist regarding the nature of international relation

2. Which statement is correct about Marxism/ structuralism theory of international relation?

A. Capitalism is the cause for international conflict
B. International relations is the mechanisms of the dominant to exploit the poor
C. State for Marxism is the agent of the bourgeois class
D. All

3. When one single state acts as a police agent in world politics, the system is

A. Bi-polar
B. Unipolar
C. Multi-polar
D. All

4. Which one of the following is a state actor in international-relation?

A. a president on power
D. human right groups

5. International relations as a field of study focuses on all of the following except

A. Study the factors that affect the interactions among states
B. Explain why international events occur
C. Primarily focuses on domestic political process
D. All of the above

6. States differ from nations in that states are primarily

A. Political, not cultural, entities
B. Geographic, not political, entities
C. Cultural, not geographic, entities
D. None of the above.  

7. ____ Level of analysis explain international politics with reference to the political, economic, and other attributes of particular states

A. Individual
B. State
C. International
D. System

8. Which of the following is the idea matched with liberal theory of IR?

A. Human nature is good, not evil
B. International institutions reduce conflict among states
C. Morality determine interest
D. All of the above

9. According to realist theory which of the following is the most important feature of international relations

A. International law
B. morality
C. power
D. Cooperation

10. Which of the following is not the preferred tool of liberal internationalism?

A. International organizations
B. Military force
C. International law
D. Democracy

11. Which one of the following is wrong about state actors?

A. includes diplomats, militaries, bureaucrats and elected leaders
B. Considered the primary actor
C. Includes inter-governmental organizations
D. Influence the international process through domestic and foreign policy

12. All of the followings are intergovernmental organizations except

A. The International Monetary Fund
B. The World Trade Organization
C. Amnesty International
D. North Atlantic Treaty Organization

13. Putin’s military and leadership experiences as a president of Russia differently shape and influences today’s international relation system; this statement best explains

A. Group level of analysis
B. State level of analysis
C. System level of analysis
D. individual level of analysis

14. Before the first world war (WWI), the structure of world politics was:

A. Bipolar
B. Multipolar
C. Unipolar
D. All

Instruction III: Fill the blank space

1. ___ is a compulsory political organization with a centralized government

2. ___ refers to the fact that in the international system there is no hierarchically superior, coercive authority

3. ___ is the peace treaty signed during 1648 and ends the bloodiest warfare between Europeans

4. ___ is intergovernmental organization established after the end of WWI to prevent all future inter-state wars

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