Global Trends Mid Exam – Wachemo University

Part I. Say true if the statement is correct or false if the statement is incorrect

1. In the international politics there is permanent friends or enemies, but not permanent national interest

2. International relation is merely concerned with peaceful relation of states.

3. According to realism theory there is no anarchy, rather there is hierarchy in international system.

4. The actions of groups of individuals such as political parties and voters of country can be group level analysis.

5. Non-state actors are regarded as sovereign entities in participating at the international relations.

Part II. Choose the correct answer from the given alternatives

6. Which one of the following is the doctrine that asserts the nation as the basic political unit in organizing society?

A. Nation-state
B. Nation
C. Nationalism
D. imperialism

7. Which one is different from the other?

A. States
B. Multinational corporations
C. Individuals
D. Terrorists

8. All of the following are true about liberalism/idealism except?

A. View human nature as innately good
B. Peace/cooperation is the normal state of affair
C. Prefer balance of power than collective security
D. Opt free trade over autarky/protectionism

9. Which one of the following is a positive side of nationalism?

A. Reluctance to help others
B. Promote the sense exclusionism
C. Enhance the prevalence of democracy
D. Encourages extremism in favor of one’s own interest

10. All of the following are the main features of the state of nature in the international politics, except

A. Anarchism & disorder
B. Brutality & Nasty
C. Peace & stability
D. War & insecurity

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