Emerging Technologies Final Exam – Arba Minch University

Part I. Write true if the statement is correct & false if the statement is incorrect

1. Augmented Reality doesn’t cut-out the real world but enhances the real-world view

2. Internet has not been created new concerns about privacy and hampered by spam and viruses

3. Video see-through visualization technology uses an HMD that employs a video mixing and display the merged images on a closed-view HMD

4. The IoT consists of a gigantic network of internet-connected “things” and devices

5. Nowadays, there is enterprise use for virtual reality applications

Parr II: Choose the best Answer from the given alternatives

1. Which of the following sensor is used to detect movement?

A. Environmental sensor
B. Motion sensor
C. Position sensor
D. None

2. In IoT, a huge number of devices are interconnected and  intelligently communicating over the internet without human intervention. What does this imply?

A. Machine to Human communication
B. Machine to Machine communication
C. Human to Human communication
D. Contactless communication

3. Which definition best fits Augmented Reality?

A. The technology that overlays the digital content on top of the real-world view
B. The technology that overlays computer-generated content on top of the virtual world
C. The technology that turns real objects into digital object
D. Except C, all are answers

4. Who coined the term “Internet of Things”?

A. John McCarty
B. Kevin Aston
C. Bill Gate
D. George Garton

5. Which one of the following is not the concerns of the internet of things?

A. Data storage standards
B. Interoperability
C. Efficiency
D. Privacy and security

6. Which one of the following is mixed reality technology?

A. Oculus Rift
B. MS HoloLens
C. HTC Vive
D. Google Cardboard

7. Which feature of IOT makes virtually anything smart?

A. Active Engagement
B. Connectivity
C. Sensors
D. AII  

8. Which one the following is IOT platform?

A. SiteWhere
B. Arduino
C. Tessel 2
D. Eclipse loT

9. Which one of the following is not true about loT?

A. It is a network of smart objects
B. Remotely controllable
C. Turn on/off by themselves if needed
D. None of these

10. Among the following classes of sensors which one is used to measure light intensity?

A. Environmental sensor
B. Motion sensor
C. Position sensor
D All of thew

Part III. Match column A to Column B

Column A

1. Magic Leap

2. Pokemon Go

3. Standalone VR Headsets

4. Infrastructure tracker unit

5. Mix-realities

Column B

A. Oculus Rift  

B. Google Cardboard

C. Augmented Reality application

D. Processing unit

E. Collect data the real-world  

F. Virtual Reality

G. Mixed Reality

Part IV: Fill in the blank spaces provided with correct words or phrases

1. Most standalone VR headsets work in combination with ____    

2. The most common position Sensors used in loT devices are ____ and ____

3. ____ is a common connection point for multiple sensors that accumulate and forward sensor data to the processing unit of a device

4. ____ is a handheld scanner that projects on the patient’s skin and shows the veins

5. ____ is the protection of personally identifiable or business identifiable information that is collected from respondents or other sources

Part IV: Answer the following questions accordingly

1. Write down the three main capabilities of typical loT devices

2. Discuss loT application in Smart City

3. Write at least 3 limitations of Head-Mounted Display

4. Write down at least four communication technologies/protocols used in IoT

5. Discuss briefly three sub-related categories of digital privacy with example

6. Explain the difference between AR, VR, and MR?

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