Emerging Technologies Mid Exam – Bahir Dar University

Part I: Write true if the statement is correct and write false if the statement is incorrect

1. The current AI machines can perform any intellectual task with efficiency like a human.
2. The primary goal of HCI is to improve the interaction between computers to computers.
3. A much bigger percentage of all the data in our world is unstructured data.

Part II Choose the best answer from the given alternatives

1. Which of the following is the goal of data analysis in the Big Data Value Chain?

A. Persistence of data in a scalable way
B. Conducting data-driven business activities
C. Ensuring quality of data
D. Highlighting relevant data

2. Which of the following is an example of unstructured data?

A. Spreadsheet
C. Business documents
D. SQL databases

3. Which of the following device is responsible for timing and control operations in digital electronic systems?

A. Microprocessor
B. Logic Device
C. Storage device
D. Network device

4. Which of the following component of Al systems is responsible for taking action?

A. Interacting layer
B. Interpreting layer
C. Sensing layer
D. Perception layer

 5. The type of Al which can’t store memories or past experiences for future actions?

A. Self-Awareness
B. Limited memory
C. Theory of mind
D. Reactive Machines

6. The massive amount of data which cannot be stored, processed, and analyzed using the traditional ways.

A. Data science
B. Big data
C. Hadoop

7. Which one do you consider the key features of Hadoop?

A. Reliability
B. Scalability  
C. Flexibility
D. All

8. Which one of the following is the influencer of Al which enables software components to communicate with each other?

A. Big data
B. Cloud computing
C. Data science

9. Which one of the following can be the motivating factor for the development of IR 4.0 ?

A. Artificial Intelligence
B. Big data analytics
C. Cloud computing
D. All of the above

10. Which of the following is some sort of hardware architecture or software framework that allows the software to run?

A. Hadoop file system
B. Platform  
C. Malware
D. Chatbot

11. The type of data that doesn’t have any predefined data model?

A. Structured data
B. Semi-structured data
C. Unstructured data
D. Metadata

12. The strength of narrow Al is:

A. It can exhibit the capabilities of the human brain.
B. It is able to capture scientific creativity, general wisdom, and social skills.
C. It focuses on a specific task which enables to do tasks well.
D. It is much smarter than the best human brains practically in every field.

13. Which of the following Hadoop component is used for a distributed data storage unit?

B. MapReduce  
C. ZooKeeper
D. Hadoop YARN

Part III. Discuss and explain each question carefully

1. List and explain at least four characteristics of Big Data?

2. Discuss the difference between cloud computing and cluster computing.

3. What are the goals of artificial intelligence (list at least 4)?

4. Abebe and his team have developed an application that predicts the next word as you type in a text box. The developer used various data types and a huge amount of data from different sources (from social media, dictionaries, fiction books, news, etc) to train the machine learning algorithm. The application tries to display all the next possible words when the user starts typing. It also underlines the word with red if the sentences or phrases have wrong grammar. It has also a chatbot interface to make conversation and answer questions. If the chatbot does not understand the question or does not know the answer, it can search from the Internet and then acquire knowledge and answer the questions.

Question: Answer the following questions based on the above case study.

A. List at least three emerging technologies used to develop the applications?
B. Identify the type of data used in this application?
C. Does the application use intelligence? If so where is the intelligence?

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