Entrepreneurship Chapter 5 – Exam Key Points

Chapter 5 Key Points | MARKETING Terms Need Wants Demands Product Value Cost Exchange Transaction Market kinds of utility that marketing provides Form Utility Place Utility Time Utility Information Utility Possession Utility Marketing Philosophies / concepts production concepts product concept selling/sales concept marketing concept Selling and Marketing Concept Contrasted Selling Starting point – Factory Focus …

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Entrepreneurship Mid Exam – Bule Hora University

Instruction I. Write ‘True’ If the statement Is correct and False’ If the statement is Incorrect 1. An opportunity may not be considered as a favorable set of circumstance that creates a need for a new product, service or business 2. People Management Skills are required to organize the physical and financial resources needed to …

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Entrepreneurship Chapter 1 Note

CHAPTER 1: THE NATURE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1.1 INTRODUCTION The word ‘entrepreneur’ origin from a French word, entreprendre entrepreneur was an individual commissioned to undertake a particular commercial project Entrepreneurship is then what the entrepreneur does Entrepreneurial is an adjective describing how the entrepreneur undertakes what he or she does entrepreneurial process the means through which new value is created as a …

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